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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where are the dinosaurs?

Little Miss Ally,  Oh how you make me smile.   Your imagination and inquisitive mind.   Out of the blue, you wonder where the volcano is that made the dinosaurs disappear.  (But you also said it could have been a meteor) So, of course I am baffled for a second and Maverick quick as a whistle explains how millions of years ago the world was different and the continents were all together and over time the continents shifted. " So the volcano is no longer here, do you understand Ally?"  She happily shakes her head yes.

Later after dinner, I notice a pair of shoes outside, "Ally , you need to bring in your shoes."  Mom, those are my sisters, she lives outside you know"

Here's to the first splash of spring!

Then I was shopping and could not decide on what color of shirt to purchase.  After the purchase, Ally says, "Good thing I was born"  So of course I asked why she said that.  "Because mom you wouldn't know what shirt to buy without me." 

Maverick's garden is AMAZING!!  Never have I tasted a more delicious strawberry.  He has tomatoes, radishes, green beans and cucumbers that are growing like crazy.  Today he's on a field trip to Kauffman Center of Performing Arts, his entire 4th grade class will perform with their recorders. Tonight his first baseball game of the season.  We are counting the days until summer.  His last day of school is the 22nd already.  Tomorrow another surprise awaits.  Here's to the sweet things in life.

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