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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still here

No new website for now.  The good news; we are all staying busy.    As for now, Maverick is busy with school, and being a kid.  With warmer temperatures it's been bike rides, and outdoor fun. Forts out of dried leaves instead of snow!  Wiscurzoos are still being stitched, and orders are steady.  So far it's been just right.  Dad cuts the patterns, Maverick sews and mom stitches the final closure. (We all stuff at times)  Our own Wiscurzoo factory.  Maverick has a spot just for sewing and creating in the family/play room.  It's a family activity.  Ally sometimes begs for a new one.  Her favorite; the very first tattered Wiscurzoo; her Gummi Bear. I am almost certain when baseball starts in the Spring; Wiscurzoos will be on hold.  With that in mind, Maverick has decided any sales in 2012 will be divided between the 3 causes evenly. 
Thank you for all your support and kind words.  I will keep posting on this site.
 The green balloon still floats above after 19 days. The first night out in the cold on Christmas Eve. It boggles my mind, a reminder of  strength.  Think it's time to go back to bed. Ally's cough woke me,  then Rex had to go outside, and here I am.
Last night, just before night time prayer, Ally whispered, " Mason told me, "Ally, Mason and Maverick are very special and I love you."  He told me when he was still alive." Frozen, I asked her to repeat.  She repeated and then  started with her nightly prayer.   A sigh to my heart; a moment to reflect.
What I want my kids to always know; how special they are.

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Deanna said...

Tears this morning from your beautiful post. Thank you for keeping us in your family loop. I love hearing from little Ally even though her innocence and trust often brings tears.

Love you...Hugs,