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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm thankful for..

I'm thankful for a Home.
I'm thankful to have food to eat.
I'm thankful for a family.
I'm thankful for clothes to wear.
I'm thankful for water to drink.
I'm thankful to have a bed to sleep on.
I'm thankful for a room to have.
I'm thankful to have a planet to live on.
I'm thankful to have a friend to play with.
I'm thankful for the trees and the sky.

-Mason Kempf 2nd grade journal (November 2008)


Anonymous said...

It's always so eye-opening to hear a child's point of view on anything, especially life. I think of all of you so often and say a prayer for you and Mason.
All my love and friendship,
Dawn P.'s Mom, Pat Wyatt

pannellfamily said...

I am thankful you have this and the wonderful memory of him bringing it home that day. I am guessing it was once hanging in the hallway @ Brookridge for all to see. I am Thankful to have had a wonderful family make such an impact on my life. Last year a part of us all wanted to be there with you on Thanksgiving Day. I hope that whatever your plans are this year, you know that even though our casserole dishes aren't there, little pieces of us still are with you.