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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Summer, the first day of summer will be here this month, Mason's 11th birthday.  I stop and think what we'd be doing. I can't begin to explain the many times I imagine.  Always thinking of the past and the future.  Daydreaming what you'd look like, the memory of your laughter replays in my mind.  Watching kids at play, I picture you. I guess how my Target cart would be filled, if you were only by my side. I see your friends and brother so grown up and picture you.  Sometimes I smile and sometimes my heart weeps.   I Gotta feeling played in the van yesterday; Ally screamed "thank you, Mason" out the window.  Then she bowed her head and prayed with her eyes tightly shut.  I asked her what she prayed, "Mom I can't tell you, it's very special."  Moments later, she whispered, "I prayed for Mason to come back." Then she tapped her heart and said, "I know he is always with us."  Time passes by but Mason you never will.  You are by our side and inside our hearts forever.  Every day.
Summer has added smiles and relaxed days.  Although there is still never enough time. Always feeling guilty for precious memories of things we've missed. We missed an important birthday and graduation recently and wish we could spend more time with friends.   Maverick's days consumed with baseball, and we add a few splashes at the pool.  Ally loves every chance to squeeze as much love and laughter from Molly our pug.  With each bit of laughter I want to freeze each moment.  Remembering how much more laughter we had.  We embrace each  moment and wonder.  We will be celebrating Mason's birthday at Red Robin this year surrounded by friends and family for a good cause the Head for the Cure.  Everyone is invited. (See previous post)  I Gotta a Feeling Mason would smile, wear a funny shirt, smash his face in birthday cake, and win a prize at the  games for Ally.  Go ahead make a splash for Mason, he's smiling from above.

Nall Hills Baseball at the K

Happiness is a Pug Hug

Laughter is a Pug Squeeze

Wiscurzoo report: Maverick has plans for a Fabulous Farewell to Wiscurzoos.  With a plan for bigger pillow sized Wiscurzoos and a Team Make a Difference for Mason stuffing party.  He hopes with a team effort to finish out the end of summer and  sell one last time at the Overland Park Craft Fair in September.   All for a good cause, sew we will let you know.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that your family is still impacting our lives today. Last Friday night at Relay for Life in Ozark, Missouri. A team from Summit, the school in Nixa where I teach, had a great showing in honor of one of our teachers who had kidney cancer. I have shared your story with all of them and early in the night when "I got a Feeling" started to play they all cheered and talked of Mason.

I will be thinking of you on the 21st as that is Austin, our youngest 16th birthday as well. We will celebrate Mason as well. Love to you all. Stephanie